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For on the go, in your home, or preparing for the unknown

We are a family at Sustain Us. Literally. When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, our family quarantined together deep in the Colorado mountains. Being far from the grocery store, facing empty shelves, having online orders take weeks to deliver … we became aware of the need to have nutritious, shelf-stable food that actually tasted good. If the world’s ending, might as well have some good food saved up, right? 

That’s why we created Sustain Us, the one-stop shop for shelf-stable food to keep you and your loved ones sustained in any situation. Meal prepping for the week? Planning an outdoor adventure? Prepping for the unknown? We’ve got you covered.

Why else are we special? We built our freeze dryers using proprietary technology in our Irving, TX facility. This means we can spend every day ensuring that we create the highest quality products with enhanced flavor and texture to sustain yourself and your loved ones. Wherever, whenever.